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The Pellet Guy - From Quakertown, PA

We Never Stop Delivering Pellets

The Pellet Guy offers great prices and delivery on premium wood pellets. We currently have five brands available to choose from and we service most areas of eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

Premium and Green Pellets

The Pellet Guy has become a leader in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey by selling pellets that we know will meet your green energy needs. We only stock high quality pellets!

Our Customers Base

For years our customers return to buy from us by the ton because of our great prices, convenient delivery options and easy loading. Since 2009, our customer base has more than quadrupled and we would love to add you to our list of valued customers.

So how does it work?

Browse Our Selection of Pellets

We offer multiple various pellets from multiple manufactures. Check out our options and give us a call at 610-737-0137.

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Payment Options

We accept either personal/business check or cash for payment, sorry no credit cards! We currently have our sale going until June 30th. Save now for next winter!

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Delivery & Pickup Options

We have different delivery options available to make getting our wood pellets easy. From our box truck capable of handling 8 tons to our  smaller pickup that can handle one to two we have a solution for you.

Delivery Options